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We work hard for the things that matter to you !

Asianajotoimisto JuristitCom Attorneys is a private Finnish general practice law firm in civil litigation to criminal defence. We have over 20 years of experience practising law and civil and criminal cases. So whether you are an entrepreneur or a private one, we always have an experienced and professional lawyer to help you when you need it!

We are a member of the Finnish Bar Association. Read more about the regulations and requirements for attorneys in Finland at


No. Our fees are average and follow the recommendations of the Finnish Bar Association. For persons with low income, see the section Legal Aid below.


Give us a call or email; the first contact is always free. After that, we take care of the rest!

Our office situates in the centre of Helsinki, at Kaisaniemenkatu 4 A


What is legal aid?

Legal aid means the professional legal assistance given to low-income persons in need of such help and who can not afford a lawyer, either at no charge or for a partial sum. Aid depends on income and assets. You can read the Act on Public Legal Aid here.

How much does public legal aid cost ?


In contrast of above, if you have low income you might be entitled  to public legal aid in civil and criminal cases in court. Then our help is totally or partially free for you,

Public legal aid means that the Finnish state will stand for the legal costs of your case totally or partially, depending on your income and assets.

We will make the application to the state for you, and then our help is totally or partially free for you.



In other than low-income cases, the average cost of an Attorney in Finland is around 200 € hr + VAT = 248 €/ hr + expenses.

If you are not entitled to public legal aid, our regular fee is 195 €- 225 € /hr +VAT (241,80 – 279 €/hr), depending on the case.

With entrepreneurs and companies, we are ready to discuss lower fees on a regular customer basis. You can even use your private legal expense insurance.

Who gives legal aid?

Legal aid, fully or partially at the expense of the State, is offered by legal councils and other lawyers who are officially  licensed to assist clients in trials for legal assistance or Public Legal Aid Attorneys.

In court proceedings, the client has a right to choose between

  • a private Attorney (like us: JuristitCom) !

  • a public legal aid Attorney working at the state legal aid office

  • other lawyers licensed to assist clients in trials for legal assistance.

Getting legal aid from us

As private and independent Attorneys, we can guarantee you the most flexible and comprehensive attention and service in all your legal matters.

As a member of the Finnish Bar (Suomen Asianajajaliitto), we are strictly committed to following the law and good legal practice and ethics.

Just call or email us. Feel free to use Finnish or English!

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