Asianajotoimisto Juristitcom ky Attorneys at Law is a general practice law firm in areas of civil litigation to criminal defense.

We are dedicated to representing you with integrity, strength and intelligence, yet, serving you efficiently and with reasonable cost. We’ve eliminated the redundancies and overhead inefficiencies that plague old school law firms.

We use the latest technologies to communicate and transmit documents to clients and opposing parties alike. We use internet services for case law research and other resources for monitoring laws and legal praxis. This means less overhead for us that we don’t have to pass on to you. Those saved minutes of work time we usually spend by giving free legal advise to those who we consider really needing them, defending them and on the other hand avoiding needless disputes and trials.

Among these important clients we frequently find cases funded by public legal aid.

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What is legal aid?

Legal aid means the professional legal assistance given, either at no charge or for a partial sum, to low-income persons in need of such help and who can not afford a lawyer. Aid depends on income and assets.

Who gives legal aid?

Legal aid fully or partially at the expense of the State is offered by Advocates and other lawyer licensed to assist clients in trials for legal assistance or Public Legal Aid Attorneys. (*

In court proceedings the client has a right to choose between


  • a private attorney,

  • a public legal aid attorney working at the state legal aid office

  • other lawyer licensed to assist clients in trials for legal assistance.

In any other than court proceedings

In any other cases to get legal aid at the expense of the State  the client has to use Public Legal Aid Attorneys.

*) More information about the legal aid offered by Public Legal Offices as well as their contact details can be found at

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