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Asianajotoimisto Juristit.Com Attorneys at Law is a private Finnish general practice law firm in areas of civil litigation to criminal defense.

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What is legal aid?

Legal aid means the professional legal assistance given, either at no charge or for a partial sum, to low-income persons in need of such help and who can not afford a lawyer. Aid depends on income and assets. You can read the Act on Public Legal Aid here.

How much does public legal aid cost ?


The average cost of an attorney in Finland is around 200 € hr + VAT = 248 €/ hr + expenses. Our regular fee is 195 €- 225 € /hr +VAT, (241,80 – 279 €/hr),  depending on the case.


In contrast of above, if you have low income you might be entitled  to public legal aid in civil and criminal cases in court. Then our help is totally or partially free for you,

The public legal aid means, that the State will stand for the legal costs of your case totally or partially, depending on your income and assets.

We will make the application to the state for you, and then our help is totally or partially free for you.

Who gives legal aid?

Legal aid fully or partially at the expense of the State is offered by Advocates and other lawyers licensed to assist clients in trials for legal assistance or Public Legal Aid Attorneys.

In court proceedings the client has a right to choose between
  • a private attorney (like juristit.com)
  • a public legal aid attorney working at the state legal aid office
  • other lawyer licensed to assist clients in trials for legal assistance.

Getting legal aid from us

As private and independent attorneys, we can garantee you the most flexible and comprenhensive attention and service in all your legal matters.

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